About Us

Hi, I’m  MJ, Owner and Founder of Around Tu-It!

Leaning more towards the extrovert side of things, I love to hang out with people when I need to get things done.  That is how I get energized! Helping someone organize and/or decorate their place is super fun for me. Seriously, I love it.  Don’t think I’m all giddy and excited to do things like house cleaning or doing the dishes—Nope, not at all!  ( I hear there actually are people that love that— thank you Lord for them) I will do that, but it is definitely a sacrifice for me.   Now show me a totally frustrating place where you can’t find anything or just “can’t get around to it” and turn me loose with containers, some tools, labels and felt pen and I’m like “bring it on”  Let’s Go!    I like things that fit together in a nice neat package, with labels you can clearly see and a place for everything.  Square containers or oblong, but not round and certainly NOT bags you can’t see through—Hate that!

I like to go hunting for objects that we can use around your house so you don’t have to spend money unnecessarily,  but sometimes it can’t be helped and that’s when the dollar store is my first stop.  My motto is “get more for less whenever possible”  I love bargains and even when garage sale-ing  I am always looking for things to help  with organizing.

Organizing O.P.S. (other people’s stuff) is really one of my very favorite things to do.  Working with somebody, organizing stuff is the cream of the crop for me.

Selling your home in Kelowna,  Abbotsford, or  surrounding areas? If you want high impact and quick sale for the best price, hiring a Home Stager is a brilliant choice, BUT hiring a Home Organizer BEFORE you hire your Stager is a super cost effective decision!  We compliment each other awesomely and you come out the winner!

Meet Cherie,


Cherie’s got a contagious Energy & Optimism! Her creativity and sense of humor makes working with her so much fun that before you know it, the job is done and and she’s happily flitting away to her next challenge.   Anyone who has the privilege of having her work along side of them is so thankful to have met her.

She’s not only experienced in residential and commercial cleaning and organizing, she coined the term “Toyganizing” when we worked on a childrens’ playroom and closet one day.  From then on it was official – That’s our kids’ service. (See what I mean – too funny:)

Like most young moms, she has juggled raising 3 young children, having “date” nights with her hubby, being a teacher creating systems to keep a whole roomful of student’s belongings in order and still manages to have time to organize O.P.S  as she loves to jump in help others whenever possible so she has countless hours of Toyganizing and Organizing to draw from.